Administration In Hazaribagh

Just like any other district Hazaribagh also has a robust administrative framework through which day to day affairs are delath with. District Collector heads the Administrative department of Hazaribagh. There are two subdivisions for this district namely Sadar and Barhi. Hazaribagh is a city and a municipality in Hazaribagh district in the state of Jharkhand. It is the divisional headquarters of North Chotanagpur division.

Administration in Hazaribagh

Collector is the head of District Administration in Hazaribagh and is the agent of the government. He plays an integral role in planning and execution of the plans carried out for the upliftment of district.
His main role is to collect revenues and dues of government. He is responsible for the law and order in the district.In his activities he is assisted by number of other officers.Additional District Magistrate is next in the hierarchy of district administration.

District Collector Hazaribagh
Mukesh Kumar, IAS
(As on 04/06/2016)
Telephone: 06546-224805(O)/224806(R)
Mobile: 9431141943
Fax : 06546-224808
E-Mail :[email protected]

DDC Hazaribagh
Rajesh Kumar Pathak, JAS
(As on 04/06/2016)
[email protected]
Telephone : 06546-262624
Mobile : 9431140734
Fax : 06546-262624

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Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad

The city is governed by the Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad which takes care of the civil and urban infrastructure of the city. The work of the municipality is subdivided into further categories and it mainly undertakes the following responsibilities. It is entrusted with a large number of functions and responsibilities relating to civic and community welfare. These are civic duties range from building roads, bridges, to revenue collection, and lastly development work.

Nagar Parishad - Hazaribag, Jharkhand
Address: Cutchery Campus
Contact: +917209261110

Role and Responsibilities of Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad

  • Ensures good governance through transparency
  • Manages its fiscal resources prudently
  • Ensures water supply to the whole city
  • Responsible for proper health and sanitation of the city
  • Role in the implementation of development project in the city
  • Responsible of developing and maintaining public property like street lights and others
  • Keeps the city clean, neat and tidy
Chairperson, Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad
Smt. Anjali Devi (As on 04/06/2016)

Vice-Chairperson, Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad
Sri. Anand Deo (As on 04/06/2016)

Executive Officer, Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad
Sri. Ajay Kumar Saw (As on 04/06/2016)

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Police Department in Hazaribagh

Civil Administration in HazaribaghThe first Superintendent of Police in Hazaribagh were appointed in the year1931. There took place many communal riots in this district. Hence the role of police has always been very important. There are 17 police stations in the district out of which 14 police stations are affected by naxal activities.
The responsibility of maintaining law and order in the city rests upon the shoulders of Superintendent of police in Hazaribagh. He is the captain of the force and excerises command and conrrol over the force in the city. Now a days to tackle the menace of naxalism Police department is organizing various social welfare programs to root out the cause of naxalism. At the district level, the administration of Police is taken up by district superintendent under the rule of district magistrate. Following social welfare activities are done by them
  • Beginning of police-public ‘’Sahayata Kendra’’ at each police station to assist public in peaceful settlement of disputes
  • Distribution of Blankets to poor pepole
  • Training for recruitment in Army and Para-Military Forces
  • NukkarNatak against Extremism
  • Distribution of Pamphlet against extremism
  • Organising Sports Tournaments in Rural areas
  • Organizing medical camps in the most backward areas and carrying out other such welfare programmes along with the district administration

Superintendent of Police
Contacts: 06546-224815 / 264816 (O)
Mob: 9431706297

Other Important Administrative Departments in Hazaribagh are

Hazaribagh Forest Department

Phone: (06546) 222339
Address: 45, Ranchi Patna Road, Hazaribagh- 825301
Landmark: Near Union Bank Of India

NIC District Unit, Hazaribad

Mobile Number : 9431334996
Treasury Officer
STD Code : 06546
Office Number : 222089

DPRO (District Panchayati Raj Officer)

Office Number : (06546) 222851

Public Representatives from of Hazaribagh

Sri Yashwant Sinha M.P.
Rishabh Vatika via College More,Vill. Rajgoda, P.O. Morangi,Thana -Mufassil, Demotand,Distt. Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
Mobile no. 9868181937, 9013180414
Phone no.011-23794197,06546-233418

Sri Saurav Narayan Singh M.L.A.

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