Hazaribagh National Park

Whenever traveling to Hazaribagh never miss to visit the famous Hazaribagh National Park which is home to various species of carnivores and herbivores. Located at a distance of 19 kms from Hazaribagh and 135 kms from Ranchi the park lies at an altitude of 615 meters above sea level.The park was built in 1976. This national park is bestowed with the scenic beauty. Hazaribagh National Park is the home town of some deadly beasts. From avian fauna to different mammals you can find all and more in this scenic park of Jharkhand.

Major Attractions of the Park

The main attraction of this national park are tigers, bisons, spotted dear, sambhars and a number of other mammals. There are some towers which stands erect for the tourist to catch the sight of these animals. Tourist can also enjoy the tasty food of Hazaribagh in the park’s canteen. Well-built, all weather metallic roads make it easy to reach the destination. The wild boar, kakar, cheetal, nilgai, sambar can be easily seen in the park. These animals can be spotted during dusk near the waterholes. Because of less number tigers are hardy visible. The best time to visit park is between October to April.

Hazaribagh National Park

Hazaribagh National Park is spread over a large area of 186 square km. Beauty to the Hazaribagh sanctuary is added by its steep hills with grass meadows and dense tropical forests. Surroundings of Hazaribagh National Sanctuary are still the adobe of many tribal people. The tourists can reach and enjoy the remotest corners and masonry towers of the park by a 111-kilometre (69 mi) long stretch of the road in the sanctuary. This road is laid down in a manner to give an excellent opportunity to the tourists to view the wild animals. The towers standing erect are the perfect hideout for the tourists to catch the sight of these animals.

Do's and Don'ts in Hazaribagh National Park

  • Do not try to disturb any animal
  • Never get down from your vehicle
  • Do not try to feed any animal
  • Do not try to venture out in wild without your guide
  • Keep your sunglasses, water bottles and torch with you
  • Wear clothes that cover your legs and arms
  • Keep safe distance from any animal

How to Reach Hazaribagh National Park ?

Hazaribagh national park is located at a distance of 19 kms from Hazaribagh .The national park can easily be reached hiring an unmetered taxi, cab, rickshaws from Hazaribagh. Taxi will charge you around Rs. 160 for a round trip.

How to Plan Trip to Hazaribagh National Park ?

Tour operators also provide a planned trip to Hazaribagh National Park. The trip starts at around 5 am from the divisional forest office, West division Hazaribagh. The round trip is charges Rs. 50 per person. Advance booking can be done for the trip at divisional forest office, West division Hazaribagh. Vehicles are charged to enter inside the park. The amounts are fixed for different vehicles Rs. 20 for car, Rs. 25 for taxi and so on. Tour operators do not charge any extra amount for the guides. Cameras are allowed in the park and there are no extra charges taken to take the cameras inside the park. One cannot use or take along any firearms in the park.

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