Health Care Services In Hazaribagh.

Hazaribagh because of its coal and mica deposits in recent times has emerged as an industrial area with lots of avenues. Hazaribagh today is not only inhabited by the locals of the regions but also by others from across different regions of the country.The upcoming power plants and offices in Damodar river valley projects have generated countless employment opportunities altering the face of the region. With the increase in number of residents health care facilities have also multiplies,thus ensuring healthy life to the residents. Today you can find many governmental and private hospitals in Hazaribagh catering to the services of the patients.

Health Care Infrastructure in Hazaribagh

Treatment in Hazaribagh

The requirement of good health care has increased extensively with the increase in industries in Hazaribagh. It is one of the prime industrial area in Jharkhand with robust heath care facilities can handle any emergency situation. The hospitals located here have good network of ambulance services to provide safe and secure transport of the pateints to the hospital. They are well maintained and are equipped with all necessary instruments to give first aid to the pateints. There are many government and private hospitals and nursing homes in the city. Sadar hospital, City Nursing Home, Nidan Nursing Home are some of the famous hospitals in the city. Patients from nearby areas often visit these and many other hospitals for their treatments.

Government Health Care Services

Government of Hazaribagh is determined to provide quality health care services to all its people. They have set a goal to deliver heath care facility to the last household and the last person in the town. Administration in Hazaribagh is focused to provide accessible, affordable and accountable health care to its people.There are few government hospitals in Hazaribagh. Sadar Hospital and District Hospital in Hazaribagh are well equipped and provide good health care to the natives of Hazaribagh.

Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes

There are many good private hospitals in Hazaribagh. These hospitals are well equipped with all modern instruments. With the increase in population these hospitals play a vital role in the health care of Hazaribagh. These hospitals are equipped with a latest Electronic attendance register, Surveillance cameras and more. The main aim of these hospitals is to provide quality control of treatment and a full satisfaction of patients of all departments. These hospitals have well equipped pathology labs, OPD, Emergency Service, Inpatients, Rehabilitation, and Training Program for Care Giver & Paramedics of Senior Citizens. In order to provide good health care to the senior citizens many private hospitals have started schemes to benefit senior citizens of the city. Some of the private hospitals in Hazaribagh are Marksman Research and Development Pvt Ltd - Hazaribag, Nidan Nursing Home, Om Health Care, Shankar Nursing Home, Shivgeet Seva Sadan, Sri Herkrishan Nursing Home and Maternity Center.

Ayurveda in Hazaribagh

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian way of treatment. This branch of medicine uses natural resources for the treatment of diseases. Hazaribagh is surrounded by thick forests. A number of Ayurvedic herbs are found in these forests for the ailment of different diseases. Tribal people of Hazaribagh has a lot of knowledge about these herbs and they prefer to use these herbs for their cure. Hazaribagh is also very rich in aquatic herbs because of large water bodies. This is the main reason why many Ayurveda health care hospitals in Hazaribagh are being established day by day. Madrasi Dawakhana and BK Das Gupta are prominent Ayurvedic hospitals in Hazaribagh.

Homeopathy in Hazaribagh

Homeopathy is a German way of treatment of diseases. It is said to have no side effects, hence is preferred, if medicines are taken for a longer period. Homeopathy is effective but takes a little longer to cure diseases. There are few Homeopathy centers in Hazaribagh. Prominent homeopathy centers in Hazaribagh has everything to suit your physical and mental health.

Medical Stores in Hazaribagh

Catering to the needs to the medical needs of people of Hazaribagh, there are many medical shops in this town. Some of these shops are open 24x7, to help serve people at any time to avoid any mishap. Maha Laxmi medical located on national highway and Kumar medical store opposite to Sadar hospital are main medical shops in Hazaribagh.

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