One Day Trip to Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh a small town located amidst high  hills and lush green forests is a perfect place to unwind after months of hectic work schedule. Known for its natural beauty, Hazaribagh has always occupied special place in the wish list of tourists and travelers visiting Jharkhand. With its dense forests,high hills, stunningly beautiful landscapes and free flowing river stream it has always enthralled the visitors. Compared to other cities it has everything to satisfy its citizens. From cosmopolitan city life to natural beauty Hazaribagh has everything  that  make a place perfect for spending a single day. With plethora of tourist attraction it makes it difficult to view all of them in a single day. You have to well plan your trip to have a maximum utilization of your time. Hazaribagh offers a wonderful combination of mythological and scenic tourist spots.

Getting Around in Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh is a classic example of how small towns can meet the transport needs. To move around locally, Hazaribagh residents can choose autos, taxis and cycle ricjshaws. The fares are kept at a minimum to benefit people from all sections of the society. Buses of both Jharkhand State Road Transport Corporation (JSRTC) and Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation can be seen plying on the major routes connecting Hazaribagh to other parts of Jharkhand and Bihar. Both provide tourist coaches and taxis for local site seeing as well as outstation sites. BSTDC also has a number of cars, vans, buses etc which are available at a very fair price.

Tourist Information Center

Hotel Aranya Vihar campus, Haranganj,
Hazaribagh - 825301 Ph- + 91 (6546) 224916

Hazaribagh in One day

It is important for you to have a tentative itinerary for one day trip. In a one day trip, it is only possible for you to complete the limited portions of Hazaribagh . However, if you choose to explore the Hazaribagh National Park, it will take one complete day. Spiritual and religious people, can choose to visit nearby temples and Buddhist site.

Make Your Mornings Special in Hazaribagh

Wake up early and travel to Surajkund Hot Spring which is  located on GT Road, 60 km from Hazaribagh. The natural luke warm water is considered effective for curing various skin diseases. On your way back you can enjoy the taste of regional cuisines from roadside eatery stalls. Hazaribagh is popular for its rich street food. The food here consist of both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Visit century old Budhwa Mahadev Mandir dedicated to Lord Shiva situated in the heart of the city.Then you can proceed to any of your favorite destination in Hazaribagh.

Exploring Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh has many tourist attractions. If you visit Hazaribagh, your trip is incomplete without having a look of the primitive history of Hazaribagh.  You can choose to visit Itkhori, which lies north of Hazaribagh and is a must visit place. The Shiva-linga in the adjacent temple has 1008 'lingams' carved into its surface. Images of 104 Bodhisattvas and 4 principal Buddhas are sculpted on each side of a 'stupa'-like structure. Close to it is a stone slab with foot-impressions of lord Sheetalnath, the 10th Tirthankara of the Jain religion.

Another famous Satpahar site can be counted in the most impressive rock art galleries of the world. The sandstone is painted with anthropomorphs, spotted deer, zoomorphs, fish, grasshoppers, cattle, small animals like rodents and ritually arranged frogs. Sati hills have large sized caves that are large enough to accomodate more than 200 people in sitting posture. The paintings in Isko village are claimed to be more than 30,000 years ago. Khandhar is a small rock art site with the only butterfly to be found in Indian rock can be seen here.

If you are a spiritual person you can visit Narsingh Temple which is located 10 kms from Hazaribagh. It is devoted to lord Narsingh one of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple attracts a lot of tourist from all over the country at the time of the fair organized every year. Panchmandir which is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Raddha.

Make Your late Afternoon Adventurous in Hazaribagh

During afternoon plan a trip to famous Hazaribagh National Park which is situated at 19 kms from the city and is the home town of some deadly beasts. Post lunch drive to the interiors of the jungle to get the view of the natural world.  The main attraction of this national park are tigers, bisons, spotted dear, sambhars and a number of other mammals. Because of less number of tigers, they are hardy visible. The national park can easily be reached hiring a taxi, cab, rickshaws from Hazaribagh.

Late Afternoon/Evening in Hazaribagh

Once done with the sightseeing at Hazaribagh National Park return to the city. Enjoy the evening by shopping in the markets of Hazaribagh where you can buy number if beautiful handicraft items. Once done enjoy the remaining hours by watching favorite movie in Indrapuri Talkies which is one of the oldest cinema halls in Hazaribagh.

Wrap up your day with mouth-watering meal

You can end your day enjoying a delicious meal in Urban haat which is a famous food point. Enjoy multi cuisine food in the restaurants of Hazaribagh. You can get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in these restaurants. Canary Inn , Upkar restaurant, Prince restaurant are some famous restaurants in the city.The settings of these restaurants are amazing. Equally amazing is the services and food served. You can order for traditional or contemporary food items. The ambiance of the restaurants are up to the mark. After dinner taste the popular deserts of Hazaribagh and wrap up your one day trip on good note.

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