Things to Do in Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh a small but beautiful town located in Chota Nagpur Plateau offers its tourists to explore the beautiful nature which includes hills, rivers, forests and waterfalls. One can also choose to trek in the beautiful hills of Hazaribagh. For spiritually inclined people, there are number of famous temples in this town. Few of them choose to enjoy boating in Rajrappa. Art and cultural loving people can visit Sanskriti Museum and Art Gallery . People can also explore the wild life in Hazaribagh by visiting Hazaribagh National Sanctuary.

Explore Sight Seeing & Trekking in Hazaribagh

Surrounded by dense forests Hazaribagh is a must visit for nature lovers. The beautiful natural setting of the town makes it perfect location for nature lovers. Forests, hills, rivers and waterfalls adds color to the land of Hazaribagh. You can plan a trip to Barso Pani Cave, Konar Dam, Surajkund hot spring, Tillaya and Chadwa dam. Canary Hill in Hazaribagh can be a perfect location for trekking and other adventure sports. Canary hill which gives a complete view of Hazaribagh town is a good trekking location.

Things to do in Hazaribagh

The observatory tower on Canary hill gives a perfect view of Hazaribagh town. Canary hill a beautiful park with three lakes is a refreshing place to plan for a picnic. One can spend hours in this beautiful location, shedding all the stress and worries. Barso Pani Cave is a miracle for nature lovers. It is said that it starts raining as soon as someone shouts Barso pani. The path to Barso pani is equally enjoyable, as it includes a 5km stretch of bumpy road and then a km of trekking. Konar dam, Tillaya and Chadwa dam being of economic importance are also famous recreation spot of this area.

Enjoy Boating in Hazaribagh Jheel

Hazaribagh has many water bodies which makes it a good location for boating and other water sports.Hazaribagh Jheel (Natural Lake), a major family attraction is another place in Hazaribagh where you can enjoy boating.It is an ideal site to enjoy boating and other water sports. A portion of Hazaribagh National Sanctuary, which is known as Rajderva has a small lake which offers boating.

Get Glimpses of Tribal Art at Sanskriti Museum and Art Gallery

Sanskriti Museum and Art Gallery

Sanskriti Museum and art Gallery was established by Bulu Imam in 1992. Located in Dipugarh. it provides an insight into the tribal art and culture of Hazaribagh. It is the store house of knowledge about the tribal art and culture of Hazaribagh. Its artifacts and the exquisite wall paintings are a treat to watch. One can find various paintings of Kohvar and Sohraj exhibiting different styles in the museum. The interior of this museum-cum-gallery has been designed imitating the cave paintings of Itkhori.

Buy Beautiful Artifacts at Urban Haat, Hazaribagh

Urban Haat is only good option to shop in Hazaribagh. Located 3 kms from Hazaribagh on NH33 there are a lot of things including handloom garments, terracotta,molded figures that you can buy from this place. There are numerous eating joints near Urban Haat where you can find some of the exquisite cuisines of Hazaribagh.

Plan out Picnic in Hazaribagh

Rajrappa a famous religious and picnic spot is situated at the confluence of rivers Damodar and Bhairavi. It is at a distance of 65 kms from Hazaribagh and a good place for boating. Swarna Jyanti Park is located behind Hazaribagh Jheel. This major family attraction offering various recreational activities like boating in the Jheel, toy train for children. Canary hill a beautiful park with three lakes is a refreshing place to plan for a picnic.

Explore the Wilderness of Hazaribagh National Wildlife Sanctuary

Hazaribagh National Wildlife Sanctuary

At a distance of 19 kms lies Hazaribagh National wildlife Sanctuary which is spread over 186 square km is at an altitude of 615 meters above sea level. Travel to the park to find species of carnivores and herbivores including tigers, bisons, spotted dear, sambhars and a number of other mammals. The park with 111-kilometre (69 mi) long stretch of the road is accessible to the tourist . The watch towers made in the park are the perfect place to catch the sight of moving animals.

Take a walk through the memory lanes of Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh has many historical and archaeological places. There are many places of historical importance in Hazaribagh aged from primitive era to British age. Itkhori, is another wonderful place near Hazaribagh with abundance of historic reminiscences and archaeological remnants. To go back to primitive age, Satpahar site is a must visit place. It is one of the most impressive rock art galleries of the world. The sand stones found here have paintings of anthropomorphs, zoomorphs, spotted deer, fish, grasshoppers, cattle, small animals like rodents and ritually arranged frogs. Sati hills in Hazaribagh, according to the Archaeologists once was the adobe of ancient man. Near the caves are small hilllocks made up of scattered boulders with the engravings of wild animals, fleeting deer, tigers and wild buffaloes and Pictures of men and women, with their arms raised.

One can view the houses made by Britishers in Hazaribagh which are large bungalow type houses, with sloping roofs. Central jail, which sheltered many great leaders and freedom fighters during Quit India moment is a famous place of historic importance in Hazaribagh.

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