Utility Services In Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh is an upcoming industrial area in Jharkhand. Because of its large coal and mice mines Hazaribagh many more industries are about to make their presence in Hazaribagh. Many offices are goiung to set up near Damodar Valley project. With the increase in industrialization there is a sudden increase in the requirements of the public. People of Hazaribagh enjoy robust public utility services like transportation, medical care, banking services etc.

Hazaribagh Utility Services

With the increase in crime rate, safety of Hazaribagh is also a major concern. This is very effectively taken care by the Police department. Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad looks after the infrastructural development of the city.

Police Services in Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh has a dedicated police service. With the increase in corruption in every part of our country, the role of our police has increased many folds.You need to be alert all the time to avoid any ill happening be it theft, eve- teasing, harassment, fraudulent practice, robbery, fight. In case of any such happening Hazaribagh police is always available. you can any time call them for their help. It is our prime duty to lodge a complaint and seek police help. Before things go out of our hands its better to contact police and get required help.

Emergency Help
Police : 100
Fire : 101
Ambulance : 102,108

District Collector Hazaribagh
Mukesh Kumar, IAS
(As on 04/06/2016)
Telephone: 06546-224805(O)/224806(R)
Mobile: 9431141943
Fax : 06546-224808
E-Mail :[email protected]

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Superintendent of Police
Contacts: 06546-224815 / 264816 (O)
Mob: 9431706297

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Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad

Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad

Hazaribagh is looked after by Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad. It takes care of its civil and urban infrastructure. The Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad is further divided into sub departments, which takes up for the different responsibilities of Nagar Parishad. Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad is looked upon for the good governance. It is also responsible for the effective management of the fiscal resources of Hazaribagh.It also ensures to provide the clean water supply, proper health and sanitation to the people of Hazaribagh.It plays an important role in the development of the town be it related to any new development project or related to any public property like streets lights and others.It also works to keep city neat and clean and maintain the heritage of the town.

Chairperson, Hazaribagh Nagar Parishad
Smt. Anjali Devi (As on 04/06/2016)

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Transportation in Hazaribagh

During British rule the most common transport of Hazaribagh was push push. It was pushed and pulled by humans. The ride was very exciting across the river and between forest areas. Rabindranath Tagore once traveled in push push and has recorded his experience in one of his essay – Chotanagpur families. For many years Lal Motor Company dominated the transport of Hazaribagh by operating Rail cum bus service. In present times all type of local transport is available in Hazaribagh like auto Rickshaw, manual Rikshaws, Taxis and Cabs. Option of prepaid taxis and cabs is also available. Government operated taxis and cars are also available to travel in and around the town. For More Click Here

Banking Services in Hazaribagh

Services in Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh being an important industrial area, the economic activities in the town play an important role. The city in acquainted with all the major national and state banks. These banks are spread and available in every part of the town. These banks also have their ATM service in the town. Hazaribagh is also a good tourist adobe, hence the need of ATMs is increased many folds. All commercial needs are efficiently met as all major banks operate in the city. Some of the Banks present in Hazaribagh are Andhra Bank, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, bank of India, Canara Bank, Central bank of India, corp. bank, HDFC Bank, IDBI bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab National Bank. Many of these banks have many branches across the city. For More Click Here

Mover and Packers in Hazaribagh

Earth being the global village, people are moving globally for their different requirement be it for better education, jobs, and career. To move along with the belonging is very cumbersome job. Only relocation experts or professional movers and packers executive from Hazaribagh can tackle this job. In Hazaribagh you can find the registered Movers and Packers from all states and cities of India. You will find in movers and packers which offer local shifting of household goods (domestic movers), interstate relocation services, as well as relocation to international destinations. Hazaribagh movers and packers companies are a great support to the modern society.

Postal Services in Hazaribagh

Goverment Services in Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh Head Post Office is a Western Union Money Transfer agency in Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand. The post offices provide all kind of delivery services for every part of the country. The services are money transfer, postal savings, parcels, bonds and insurance and more. Apart from the postal service, Hazaribagh also have few private courier services which include Blue Dart and other professional courier.

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Media Services in Hazaribagh

Media plays a very important role in a democratic country like ours. Media helps us know what is going around in our neighborhood. In Hazaribagh all the mass communication is done in Hindi, as Hindi is the language that is understood by the majority of people. Hazaribag Times is a local newspaper. Prabhat Khabar, Dainik Jagran, News Wing, Khabar mantra are the other newspaper available to the people of Hazaribagh to choose from. There are few advertising agencies present in the town. These firms can help you with the local advertising of your business.

Health Care Services in Hazaribagh


Hazaribagh has emerged as an industrial area in recent times. Its coal and mica fields have contributed a lot in raising the standard of life in the region.With the increase in number of residents health care facilities have also emerged in the town . Today Hazaribagh offers a good medical services to its residents and guests. There are many government as well as private hospitals in Hazaribagh serving patients from all sections of society. For More Click Here

Telecom Services and Internet Services

The Telecommunication services have spread their wings in every part of country. Telecom and internet have now become an intricate part of our life. Hazaribagh has all the major telecom service providers. Be it Airtel or Idea or Reliance you can find all and more in this part of Jharkhand. You can find many mobile shops in and around Hazaribagh selling variety of mobile phones.

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